A Wintery Day in November

We were blessed with a bit of snow this month. We were up and enjoying it by 6:30am.

11-30 snow day-100.jpg11-30 snow day-104.jpg11-30 snow day-106.jpg11-30 snow day-108.jpg11-30 snow day-109.jpg11-30 snow day-112.jpg11-30 snow day-114.jpg11-30 snow day-117.jpg11-30 snow day-121.jpg11-30 snow day-123.jpg11-30 snow day-124.jpg11-30 snow day-126.jpg11-30 snow day-127.jpg11-30 snow day-128.jpg11-30 snow day-132.jpg11-30 snow day-136.jpg11-30 snow day-137.jpg11-30 snow day-139.jpg11-30 snow day-140.jpg11-30 snow day-142.jpg11-30 snow day-156.jpg11-30 snow day-158.jpg11-30 snow day-161.jpg11-30 snow day-167.jpg11-30 snow day-168.jpg11-30 snow day-171.jpg11-30 snow day-173.jpg11-30 snow day-175.jpg


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