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A Wintery Day in November

We were blessed with a bit of snow this month. We were up and enjoying it by 6:30am.

11-30 snow day-100.jpg11-30 snow day-104.jpg11-30 snow day-106.jpg11-30 snow day-108.jpg11-30 snow day-109.jpg11-30 snow day-112.jpg11-30 snow day-114.jpg11-30 snow day-117.jpg11-30 snow day-121.jpg11-30 snow day-123.jpg11-30 snow day-124.jpg11-30 snow day-126.jpg11-30 snow day-127.jpg11-30 snow day-128.jpg11-30 snow day-132.jpg11-30 snow day-136.jpg11-30 snow day-137.jpg11-30 snow day-139.jpg11-30 snow day-140.jpg11-30 snow day-142.jpg11-30 snow day-156.jpg11-30 snow day-158.jpg11-30 snow day-161.jpg11-30 snow day-167.jpg11-30 snow day-168.jpg11-30 snow day-171.jpg11-30 snow day-173.jpg11-30 snow day-175.jpg


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Court of Honor for Zachary and Nathan

This was an outstanding Court of Honor for Zachary and Nathan. Both boys moved up rank from Star to Life and received Merit Badges in Communications, Canoeing, Wilderness Survival, Archery, Railroading, Metalwork and the very tough to attain, Lifesaving Merit Badge.

Life is second-highest rank attainable and ranks above Star Scout and below Eagle. Life is awarded when the Scout serves actively in the troop, team or crew, serves in a position of responsibility for six months, and performs six hours of community service. Another thing a Scout must do in order to achieve Life is earn an additional five merit badges (three of which are required for the rank of Eagle), to make a minimum total of eleven merit badges (including the six previously required for Star). Finally, the Scout must pass a Scoutmaster conference, and board of review.

The Life Rank is one of the rarest ranks.  This is the last rank before Eagle. At this point, a Life Rank can complete Eagle Rank in as few as 6 months.  The Life Rank also requires the Scout to be active in his troop for at least six months, serve his troop in a position of leadership for at least six months, and take part in at least one service project.

So you can see why we are so proud of all the hard work, dedication and results they have done.


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Homecoming for Briana

Briana went to homecoming this year with her friend, Taylor. They ate at Wally’s in Des Moines, danced to top 40 hits at the homecoming event and played games at another friend’s house afterwards. All the kids and parents met at Lake Meridian for a photo op before they took off for the evening. Briana said she had a great time.

Here’s a video of all the photos…


Or you can just click on the first photo below and look at all of them individually.


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Kids in the Garden

Today, was a great day to take the kids out for a photo shoot. We have been wanting to go to Soos Creek Botanical Gardens in Auburn for sometime now. What an amazing place! Very peaceful and beautiful.

1600_kids in the garden-100.jpg1600_kids in the garden-101.jpg1600_kids in the garden-102.jpg1600_kids in the garden-103.jpg1600_kids in the garden-104.jpg1600_kids in the garden-105.jpg1600_kids in the garden-106.jpg1600_kids in the garden-107.jpg1600_kids in the garden-108.jpg1600_kids in the garden-109.jpg1600_kids in the garden-110.jpg1600_kids in the garden-111.jpg1600_kids in the garden-112.jpg1600_kids in the garden-113.jpg1600_kids in the garden-114.jpg1600_kids in the garden-115.jpg1600_kids in the garden-116.jpg1600_kids in the garden-117.jpg1600_kids in the garden-118.jpg1600_kids in the garden-119.jpg1600_kids in the garden-120.jpg1600_kids in the garden-121.jpg1600_kids in the garden-122.jpg1600_kids in the garden-123.jpg1600_kids in the garden-124.jpg1600_kids in the garden-125.jpg1600_kids in the garden-126.jpg1600_kids in the garden-127.jpg1600_kids in the garden-128.jpg1600_kids in the garden-129.jpg1600_kids in the garden-130.jpg1600_kids in the garden-131.jpg1600_kids in the garden-132.jpg1600_kids in the garden-133.jpg1600_kids in the garden-134.jpg

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Sailing on Lake Union

Today, the boys and Mike went sailing on Lake Union with the Sea Scouts on the ketch “Cutty Sark”. They will being working on the Sailing Merit Badge next month with time. Briana and Mike will also attend and learn to sail.

04-05 sailing-100.jpg04-05 sailing-101.jpg04-05 sailing-102.jpg04-05 sailing-103.jpg04-05 sailing-104.jpg04-05 sailing-105.jpg04-05 sailing-106.jpg04-05 sailing-107.jpg04-05 sailing-108.jpg04-05 sailing-109.jpg04-05 sailing-110.jpg04-05 sailing-111.jpg04-05 sailing-112.jpg04-05 sailing-113.jpg04-05 sailing-114.jpg04-05 sailing-115.jpg

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