Boys’ Troop Took 1st Place at Klondike

Yes, you are seeing it right. This year, there was no snow on the ground for Klondike. So the troop converted their sled with wheels and enjoyed warmer weather. They had just switched troops from 725 to 594. And this year, 594 beat 725. 594 took 1st and 725 took 3rd. Great time!

Zachary was in the orange hoodie and Nathan was in the blue plaid jacket.

01-18 klondike-100.jpg01-18 klondike-101.jpg01-18 klondike-102.jpg01-18 klondike-103.jpg01-18 klondike-104.jpg01-18 klondike-105.jpg01-18 klondike-106.jpg01-18 klondike-107.jpg01-18 klondike-108.jpg01-18 klondike-109.jpg01-18 klondike-110.jpg01-18 klondike-111.jpg

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