Western Adventure, Day XXVII – Utah at Dixie National Park

We woke to an amazingly blue skied day. During the early morning hours, we found a place to camp in Dixie National Park. We are about 8500 feet above sea level and have found trees, we are on our own and a small stream nearby. Nathan is happy. We all are.

At our spot, we came across a bunch of hunters and dogs tracking a bear. The bear went right through our camp. We needed groceries, so Nathan and I headed into the city of Torrey to round up some food. Mike and the other kids made time to put bacon a a tree to lure the bear back. Later on, Mike and the boys went for a drive and found a small slot canyon off a dirt road. We tried to make it to Capitol Reef to take sunset photos. All we got were the entrance sign and it was too dark to do anything else. We plan on returning tomorrow.

Click on any image to enlarge. Or better yet… click on the first photo and scroll through them all.

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