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guangxi_bicyclingToday was the reason why we were even here on vacation. It’s QingMing or better known as Tomb Sweeping Holiday to the English speaking world. It’s a time to remember ancestors and pay homage to them by burning offerings of material items, such as cars, houses, servants, etc.-all are miniture paper items, cleaning their gravesite by removing foliage and burning incense, light fireworks to scare the evil away and offering of food and eating it at the site. It’s a happy occasion. On this day, we past many people celebrating with their departed. It was a neat experience. It was sad to see the few sites here and there that did not get any love for the day. We suppose either all have passed or more than likely those still alive have moved away to the cities for work.

Yesterday, in the Yulong River Valley, wasn’t enough for us. We had to find another way to spend more time there. The morning time we took it easy and played a couple of hours of badminton. We had brought our sets with us. Sissy joined us and we had a great time. Sissy and I did our most to best Mike. It was so fun.  After lunch, Zachary and Nathan were convinced they would do well on a tether bike – two seater. So we borrowed one of the renters and they practiced a bit on the road way. It took them about five tries to get it figured out. They are not as easy as they look. Zachary had to be the driver and Nathan the backseat driver to make it work. After that, they convinced us to go for another ride toward the Yulong River. Zachary and Nathan on a two-seater and the rest of us on our own. Mike remembered there was a way across the Yulong River that connected with a road on the other side. The route would be a big loop; taking us from our hotel, along the river, across the river, through a few valleys, into Longtan, back to the main road and to the hotel. Not knowing for sure how to do it, made it our priority to figure out. Here is some video of the craziness on the roadway that was along the Yulong River…

We bike far enough up the river, we ended up at the place we had started rafting from yesterday. Mike did a bit of mapping and determined we missed our crossing a bit down the road. So we retraced some of our trip to a so called bridge… ya right… whatever, Mike! We took our bike halfway across the river on this little concrete ledge and realized the water was too deep for us to cross by ourselves. Mike was so determined to get across he just stood there scanning the horizon for potential routes. Soon a gal on the otherside waved at us and pointed to her raft. Mike motioned yes and that was all it took. This lady took a pathetic bamboo raft from her side and in two trips got us and our bikes on the otherside. What a riot! The raft was three quarters underwater with all the weight and it was not sturdy at all. I was nervous to say the least. It is not like I have the best balance in the world. But the kids and Mike were all for it. Lots of fun.

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  1. Joyce April 21, 2012 at 12:44 am #

    Oh dear, I am with you 100% on all fronts Tina! No potties for me, I will take the bushes, the raft (really they can call it that?) looked like something I would be closing my eyes on all the way too. I can’t beleive that hole in the hillside is where you guys were, wow you were up high that day! The pictures were beautiful with all the nice scenery all around and BZ is so cute with her fuzzy hair from the moisture in the air…..mine would look just the same, the moisture in the air gives me that bushy look too 😉
    Love you

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