Kids in the Garden

Today, was a great day to take the kids out for a photo shoot. We have been wanting to go to Soos Creek Botanical Gardens in Auburn for sometime now. What an amazing place! Very peaceful and beautiful.

1600_kids in the garden-100.jpg1600_kids in the garden-101.jpg1600_kids in the garden-102.jpg1600_kids in the garden-103.jpg1600_kids in the garden-104.jpg1600_kids in the garden-105.jpg1600_kids in the garden-106.jpg1600_kids in the garden-107.jpg1600_kids in the garden-108.jpg1600_kids in the garden-109.jpg1600_kids in the garden-110.jpg1600_kids in the garden-111.jpg1600_kids in the garden-112.jpg1600_kids in the garden-113.jpg1600_kids in the garden-114.jpg1600_kids in the garden-115.jpg1600_kids in the garden-116.jpg1600_kids in the garden-117.jpg1600_kids in the garden-118.jpg1600_kids in the garden-119.jpg1600_kids in the garden-120.jpg1600_kids in the garden-121.jpg1600_kids in the garden-122.jpg1600_kids in the garden-123.jpg1600_kids in the garden-124.jpg1600_kids in the garden-125.jpg1600_kids in the garden-126.jpg1600_kids in the garden-127.jpg1600_kids in the garden-128.jpg1600_kids in the garden-129.jpg1600_kids in the garden-130.jpg1600_kids in the garden-131.jpg1600_kids in the garden-132.jpg1600_kids in the garden-133.jpg1600_kids in the garden-134.jpg

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