Sailing on Lake Union

Today, the boys and Mike went sailing on Lake Union with the Sea Scouts on the ketch “Cutty Sark”. They will being working on the Sailing Merit Badge next month with time. Briana and Mike will also attend and learn to sail.

04-05 sailing-100.jpg04-05 sailing-101.jpg04-05 sailing-102.jpg04-05 sailing-103.jpg04-05 sailing-104.jpg04-05 sailing-105.jpg04-05 sailing-106.jpg04-05 sailing-107.jpg04-05 sailing-108.jpg04-05 sailing-109.jpg04-05 sailing-110.jpg04-05 sailing-111.jpg04-05 sailing-112.jpg04-05 sailing-113.jpg04-05 sailing-114.jpg04-05 sailing-115.jpg

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