Suzhou – Master of the Net Garden

netgardenAfter spending a few hours at Lingering Garden, the kids and I called a taxi and headed to Master of the Net Garden. Known as Wangshi Yuan in Chinese, this garden dates back to 1140. It was completely remodeled in 1770 and for many people, and most tourist books we have read, they claim it to be one of the finest of all Suzhou’s gardens.

Although small, it succeeds, with great subtly, in introducing every element consider crucial to the classical garden. It included a little lake in the center, discreet connecting corridors and pavilions with neatly decorated courtyards with flowers and rocks. This garden was Briana’s favorite by far. She just loved it.

Click on any image to enlarge. Or better yet… click on the first photo and scroll through them all.


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  1. Joyce May 5, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

    How beautiful indeed! I too love the moon gates and have always wanted one! I especially love the one with the kids framed by the moon gate!

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