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Guangxi Province – at a snapshot…

Guangxi, for the most part, has remained a rural province. The beautiful mountains, called karsts, were appreciated as far back as the Tang dynasty. As much as they are beautiful, the karsts limit both agriculture and transportation for its people. The many caves created in the limestone karsts provided escape from the Japanese occupation during the early 1900s. Some 40 miles south of Guilin sits an area amid some of the most spectacular karst scenery in the region. Stretching from the back of the Li River, the countryside is a post card view at each turn. This was the first time, even though we were highly active, we can say this was a VACATION, not a trip. Here are a few photos to get you ready for all the adventures we took over the following week.

Click on any image to enlarge. Or better yet… click on the first photo and scroll through them all.

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Flight over Russia

On our flight back to China, the weather sent us over the top of Russia. With little cloud cover, I got a shot of the land blanketed in white…


Flight over Russia

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