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Sichuan Province – Chengdu Panda Reserve

On this day, Paul, Miki and all of us traveled to the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu. If time would have allowed, we would have preferred to see the Wolong Nature Reservce instead. The eight hour bus ride stopped us from going there. The Panda Breeding Center was set up in 1987 and has bred and raised over 88 giant pandas. We were told we could hold a panda for around $100 US dollars. So we went with the idea we would each do it. A once in a lifetime chance was how we viewed it. But instead, we were told $180; too rich for our wallets. Thus we never got the chance. It was a bummer. We did get very close to a bunch of Red Pandas and enjoyed interacting with them over the Giant Pandas. We spent over a hour just hanging out with the Red Pandas. They are very sweet, soft animals.

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Sichuan Province – Chengdu at Jinli Street


I took this photo of Starbucks on Jinli Street. One of my favorites…

We were fortunate enough to be able to tag along with Mike, for a week, to a LPG Gas Convention in Chengdu, in the Sichuan Province near Tibet. Chengdu is a compact, modern city with approximately 10 million residents. We were told the city is surrounded by mountains. We did not see any, due to the heavy fog, until we headed out to Mt Emei and Le Shan later in the week where we were in the mountains. We were also informed the area doesn’t receive more than 30 days of sun a year due to the clouds; made for a dreary looking city, but elegant, mystical mountains.

Since Mike was there on business, the kids and I were able to attend a few dinners with the ALGAS crew. A few others from Seattle were there too. Thanks for Sean and John, the kids felt right at home. By far, Sichuan food is the best food in all of China, so far. Darn good, spicy, yummy food! Nathan, our finicky eater, found a bean curd dish in spicy red peppers he just loves. Mike and I were so shocked at how hot our kids could ingest the food. They loved it. Our favorite restaurant was a hot pot style Sichuan place. The kids fell in love with Beef Cheeks and large water-chestnuts. In the photos below, the first photo is all of us eating at this restaurant.

The remainder of the photos are from a walking street we found in Chengdu called Jinli Street. They call it an ancient street. It is styled that way, but is clearly newly built. I have to say it was a special place to visit and shop. I wish I knew more about China when I was there. Had I known better, I would have done more shopping since this was the only place I have found full of authentic artists. We also like having a warm Starbucks latte as we perused the shops. There’s never a place in China that doesn’t have a Starbucks in it. They’re everywhere! Even in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

As we were leaving we passed by two guys dressed up as deities. In the photos, the one on the right is God of Wealth and the one of the left, we have no idea who he was. These guys were being very still and grabbing people as they passed by. The boys were chickens, but 100RMB, of my money, got Zachary motivated enough to go up to them and pose for a picture. Nathan shortly followed when he saw that Zachary did it.

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