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Our Very Own Cowboys…

Just wanted to share these photos of Zachary, Nathan and their two friends, Hunter and Wayne. They had sleepover together during our stay at home and Zachary wanted some old styled photos as cowboys. Didn’t they turn out great? We had one of them printed out 24″ x 36″ and it is here with us in China hanging on our living room wall.

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Western Adventure, Day XIX – Arizona at Monument Valley and Lake Powell

Monument Valley

Monument Valley… what can one say? It is hard to describe. It’s an experience. I read somewhere, the photos can’t capture the life enriching sight you see with your own eyes. So true. After the sun completely rose, we gained access to the valley and drove the sixteen mile trek. What a bumpy ride! The views were gripping and the colors rich. Majestic is a good word to describe Monument Valley.

The one part I thought was quite beautiful was the little trees. I called them burning bushes because they look like they are on fire… ambered… After a great drive through the valley and lots of pictures, we hooked up the trailer and headed to Glen Canyon. It was nice, uneventful drive.. for once. 🙂

To our surprise Lake Powell is azurite blue in color that only intensifies as the sun sets. We did go to the lake and played in the water for about two hours. The water was frigid. It was fun though. The dogs swam until they could do no more. The boys made sand castles. Briana and Mike ran up and down the beach. I hung out in the water. What a great way to cool down and relax.

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Western Adventure, Day VII – South Dakota at Wall Drug and Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park

Our best weather yet! After my late night at the cleaners, we got out a bit late… noon time to be exact. Mike tried to take the blame, but he’s always a sucker for turning the alarm off and rolling over when I’m not willing to get up. Since tomorrow is to bring lots of wind to the Badlands area, we decided to head out that direction today. The route took us through Rapid City. Did you know the capital of SK is as big as Kent, our home town, in population size? Mike read 57,000 on the sign coming into town.

In all the free tourist pamphlets, it reads the #1 attraction in all of SD is Wall Drug in the city of Wall. No one was thrilled with the idea of stopping at a tourist trap, but by the time we got to Wall… we couldn’t resist. Between Rapid City and Wall, there were Wall Drug advertising signs about every .5 miles. Each sign had some catchy phrase and/or goofy picture… “5 cent coffee” “Free Ice Water” “Best Western Wear” “Homemade Doughnuts”, the list goes on. The signs got us so pumped up, we were excited to stop and shop.

I have to tell you right upfront. This place was a winner! We spent a lot of time here and didn’t get through all of it. Fun place! Don’t forget to go to the cafe and have their mouth watering hot roast beef sandwich. Literally, it’s mouthwatering. (I’m watering as I write this.) Don’t share it either. One bite and you will want it all to yourself. Briana proved that when she tried to share with me. Half of the sandwich eaten and she was wanting more. Zachary piled drove his so fast, I don’t think he breathed. I blinked and it was gone. And Nathan was in heaven with the real mashed potatoes and gravy.

The street front to Wall Drug has an old west flair and the building seemed much smaller on the outside than inside. The store is two city blocks long and deep of shop, after shop, after shop. The first place we stopped was the Western Wear area. The boys started looking at boots and ended up with other goodies. As Zachary was playing with the belt, the salesguy came in and gave him a replicated old west handgun to play with… in seconds, he was sold on the leather tooled gun belt and Nathan was sold on the gun replica. Mike was doing his usual perusal of knives. What a selection they had! Then he found the knives of all knives… the darn thing was almost bigger than his arm. I love how it made him laugh so. Toward the back of the store, it opened up into an entertainment area where it added to the fun. There was so much fun stuff to do and see. We spent a total of three hours in this place. At about 5pm, we finally headed out to the Badlands.

Not realizing what we were about to see, we didn’t have enough time. The Badlands are a sight to see with your own eyes. We could have easily spent a whole day here. Zachary was especially moved by this place. As we moved from view point to another point, he would have to be pulled to the truck. He would just stand there taking in the sights. He just loved this place… it was magical.

We found a friendly bunny on a walk at sunset. The bunny came up to the kids. We do love our bunnies. Our Mr. Buttons is traveling with us. He sleeps right next to Briana in the upper bunk of the trailer. He’s doing well. I figure by the time he gets home, he will be a seasoned traveler and can handle about anything. His favorite time of the day seems to be when she brings him down and he visits with all of us in the morning hopping all over the trailer.

Hard to share what is the best part of the day was. I can tell you the sunset was a total WOW! The colors in the sky, the moon and the colors of the land were breathtaking. Briana said it was the amazing view with the unique colored rocks with cracks and oddly quick eroding soil. She thought there would be barren land, but lots of life abound the area. Mike said it was the way the sunlight changed the hue in the rocks and the sky… how it made a magnificent rainbow of colors. Zachary said it was how quiet and beautiful it was. He kept telling us he wants a cabin there so he can just sit and view it all day long. Nathan said just being able to see it was the best part. It was beautiful. He was disappointed he didn’t get to take pictures of the sun setting. If you love landscapes, this is a must see!

We finally headed back to the trailer at dark, made dinner and got to bed around midnight. Tomorrow is to be another sunny day with a heavy breeze. We’ll see. I’m convinced they predict weather worse here than at home. I never thought that would be possible, but it was.

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