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Operation Tutu

operation_tutuJust had to share a very fun adventure with friends… Inspired by the Tutu Project that supports cancer patients on chemo, on a rainy day in June, a bunch of my friends got together at Bradley Lake in Puyallup in tutus. I was the lucky one chosen to capture it all on film. You can find at more about our ‘Operation Tutu’ on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/OperationTutu/.

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Our Very Own Cowboys…

Just wanted to share these photos of Zachary, Nathan and their two friends, Hunter and Wayne. They had sleepover together during our stay at home and Zachary wanted some old styled photos as cowboys. Didn’t they turn out great? We had one of them printed out 24″ x 36″ and it is here with us in China hanging on our living room wall.

Click on any image to enlarge. Or better yet… click on the first photo and scroll through them all.

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Suzhou – Oliver and Su’s Wedding Reception

We were given a wedding invite about a week before the event. A total surprise! What we didn’t know was the wedding had already taken place in another city and this was just a dinner of Suzhounese food for the Algas employees and a few friends of Oliver and Su’s. (Oliver works for Algas) So we were way over dressed for the occasion. The boys were wearing their new sport coats we found at Times Square Mall. They fit better than anything we find in the US. With a thinner population, the cut of the jackets are naturally slim and look sharp.

The Chinese easily have more than one up on us when it comes to celebrating anything. The kids and I had a blast watching them toast to each other. The kids were mostly entertained by William, who was literally under the table in less than one hour after all the toasting started. When you are being toasted, it’s required to down all that’s in your glass. The trick here is to be the toaster, not the one being toasted; higher chance of survival that way.

The drink they all toast with is called “White Wine”. It’s used to determine how much a man you are by how much you can drink and still stay standing. The White Wine has about 47-55% alcohol. Nasty stuff in large quantities! It’s such a big deal, the other day, we met a man from Texas who took the time to teach Mike how to survive it. He has been here for over five years and had a lot to offer us in advice.

Chinese people have an incredible energy when they are having a good time. Here’s a video where they are trying to convince Oliver and Su to kiss. They’re so funny to watch and listen to with all the screaming Mandarin and broken English.

Here are the photos from our night out. Just click on the first photo.

Click on any image to enlarge. Or better yet… click on the first photo and scroll through them all

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