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Western Adventure, Day IX – South Dakota to Wyoming to Colorado

Today was a sad day for us.

We got up early, hooked up the trailer and headed away from South Dakota to Denver Int’l Airport to drop Mike off. (That was the sad part.) The kids and I cried for a good half an hour after dropping him off. We tried to figure out a way to keep him and tell Randy, his boss, he’s ours until the 13th of June. But we couldn’t come up with a good enough plan. So we reluctantly let him go.

I personally haven’t been in the Denver area in over 15 years. I was surprised all the wheat fields were gone and replaced by businesses and homes. Fifteen years ago, you had to drive forty minutes through wheat fields, after wheat fields, before you reached the airport… not anymore.

The kids and I had no particular plans from the time we dropped Mike off to when we pick him up in Albuquerque, New Mexico later in the month. A bummer for us was the darn weather! It wasn’t looking good in CO and in NM. Lots of thunderstorms wherever we went. So with the help of Google maps, we found a nice RV Park about 20 miles from Colorado Springs. It was so far out of town, there was no cell serve and what WiFi we had was sketchy at best. It even had a nice big sign on the door, “YOU’RE IN BEAR COUNTRY!”.

We plan to take it easy tomorrow.

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Western Adventure, Day V – South Dakota at Deadwood and Wyoming at Devil’s Tower

Devil's Tower

Devil’s Tower

The day was partly sunny and a nice 55 degrees. We headed north to Spearfish to hit I-90 to head west to Wyoming. On our way north, we drove through Deadwood in the daylight. What a cute town all tucked in a narrow canyon with only two streets getting you in and out of the canyon.

Mike and I jokingly were laughing as to why they would have a hospital, then we saw all the gambling retirees. Maybe the excitement of winning can put an unusual strain on the body… or the loss of their retirement to gambling?

We had planned on visiting the graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. Can you believe it? It cost money to walk into the cemetery? Yikes! No thanks.

We ate a nice lunch at Sanford’s Grub in Spearfish — good food and a fun place to eat.

The drive to Devil’s Tower was just as magnificent as I remembered as a youth when I traveled this area with my Grandparents in ’92. The grass is so green and the soil is red with rolling hills. The contrast makes for landscapes I just love.

At the gate to the park, Zachary found a girlfriend. She was quite jealous of us and shot him since we were going to take him away. hee hee hee. Picking Zachary off the ground, we continued into the park and pulled off so we could explore with the dogs and enjoy the view of the Tower from a close distance. We played around for about an hour and then headed up to the main parking lot to park and took a walk on the 1.6 mile trails that circles with Tower. There was so much to see and do between watching the climbers, climbing rocks and exploring, it took us over 2 hours to get back to the truck.

The Tower was formed when the ground was significantly higher. The Tower is a volcanic plug that was once located deep within a volcano some 50 million years ago. Over time, the surrounding material has eroded away, leaving the Tower exposed.

We did finally make it back to the trailer. Most restaurants were closed an hour before their stated closing times. We did find s nice place to eat this night at The Alpine Inn. The food was delicious and very affordable. We had three meals to choose from a Hot Dog, 6ox Filet Steak for $9 or a 9oz for $11.

Tomorrow’s weather is predicted to be cold and snowy, so we’re heading to Hot Springs to do indoor activities.

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Western Adventure, Day II – Montana at Little Bighorn Battlefield

The morning after six hours of badly needed sleep, we woke to more high winds and rain. We knew we didn’t want to stay in MT’s rainy weather any longer than necessary. But had to see Little Big Horn National Monument first before we left the state. Just outside the park’s gate at the Crow’s Little Big Horn Trading Post, we had a tasty lunch of flat bread tacos. Yummy! Briana found a white fox tail and the boys found cool knives and other trinkets to buy.

To make the most out of the day, we walked through the visitor’s center and I quickly got a shot of Mike and the kids in front of the park’s memorial. Then we hopped in the truck and started driving to South Dakota.

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