Suzhou – Tiger Hill on Chinese New Year’s Day…

Tiger Hill

Briana and Mike…

My goal for Chinese New Year was to find a place where dragon and lion dancing was being presented. According to the local Expat magazine, Tiger Hill was one of the places in Suzhou on New Year’s Day this was to happen. So we packed up the company car and Mike drove us to Tiger Hill for the festives. Unfortunately, there were no dancing. All we found was massive photo happy people. As you will see in the photos, Mike and Briana were used for numerous photo ops. There were so many that day, I think I deleted over 20 photos I took of them. I did leave a few in the pictures below. They did get a bit out of hand and really upset Briana because they were starting to use her as an object, no longer being seen as a person. She was mentally and physically drained from this day out. I finally had to put on my protective mommy look and hold her close so no one would come and grab at her any longer. It worked, thank goodness.

Tiger Hill is an area you can see from a lot of Suzhou. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists due to its age and the mystery surrounding the Sword Pool. According to Historical Records, King Helu was buried under the Sword Pool, and upon his burial is over 3000 swords. The legend goes that three days after his burial a white tiger appeared squatting the hill, thus the name Tiger Hill. The site has not been excavated because above the pool and potential burial is the Leaning Yunyan Pagoda. It is seven stories height with a lean and predates the the Tower of Pisa. If excavation were to take place, the pagoda would tumble. As we could see, it is hanging on by a thread anyway. Here is a little video of a few things we did for the day…

And the following are the photos.

Click on any image to enlarge. Or better yet… click on the first photo and scroll through them all

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  1. Joyce Barron February 27, 2012 at 1:35 am #

    I love this place, sorry you did not find dancers, but the other stuff is great! The one picture of you without your jacket and with just the white sweater and pink scarf, is soooo beautiful!
    I see that you have Steve’s problem…..when you smile, your eyes go away and that one of you had your eyes wide open and it is so beautiful! You are so beautiful my friend>

    • Tina February 28, 2012 at 3:27 am #

      You are so right! My eyes do disappear when I smile. Also it is really tough to get catch lights in my eyes, whereas with the kids it is not problem. Thanks for the comments, Joyce. Love you lots!

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